Friday, June 30, 2006

What can I say

This week hass been busy for me, having job interviews and 2nd interviews so now waiting to hear if i get a job. I felt really relaxed and confident in these interviews which for me doesnt happen very often. I have another 2nd interview on tuesday for a job which is very close to home, So hope I do ok. I know the employment agent interviewed only 3 people so im not sure how many of us 3 he put forward for a 2nd interview.

Today I took my kids roller skating, something i havent done for 30 years, now i know why I haven't done it for 30 years. My oldest child wouldnt even try and my youngest had fun and im sure with a cople of lessons she would be scooting around, she has come home though complaining of a sore butt, from falling on it a couple of times.

School holidays are over this weekend so things will be back to normal.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Blowhole at docklands

Picture reworked by a freind

Friday, June 23, 2006

My photos

I have an interest in photos and as you have seen have bought a camera and am taking lots of pics and attempting to learn more. Yes I am a novice at photography and I know I have lots to learn but the photos I have put on here already are just part of what I have been doing in my life.

Encouragment and Helpful hints on how I can improve my photos is always wlecome, what I do not appreciate is being told they a crap. We are not all proffesional photographers and no one got there buy just picking up a camera, what I see as interesting may not be interesting to someone else. People should think about what they say before they say it. Luckily enough I am strong minded person who doesnt take that type of stuff without a good reply and comeback, not necessarily done in as rude a manner as said to me.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Webb bridge


Men in crises

Seems I have a couple of male freinds who seem to be having a problems, No not midlife crisis as they are all in there thirties not 40's, 2 freinds are in despair about not finding a relationship and settling down to have a family, one already has a marriage and a child and it is not a happy marriage. What can I say to them, sure the married one in crisis I can relate to having myself come out a 14 year marriage with young kids and now divorced. All I can offer is my experiences and hope that gives him some perspective. The other guys who are not married and looking for the marriage and family, well I cant really do anything but be a good listener, be there shoulder to cry on if they need to, although one of these freinds I would gladly have had a relationship with but for me I have had my kids, and am at an age where having more kids though possible is not what I would want to put myself through again and he knows that.

It is great having male freinds you can feel relaxed around, openly talk about anything with and know that they are not expecting anything other than freindship.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Warrandyte day trip

Victory mine

Stained glass window at the Stonehouse Gallery

Evelyn mine tunnel at pound bend. Tunnel blasted to divert the river for gold mining.

Warrandyte Mechanics Institute.
This site was originaly occupied buy the Union hotel built in 1856, which was the first hotel in Warrandyte.

School Holidays, Ive had enough already

Day 3 of school holidays and so far every day I have had to tell my 11yo daughter off and cancel the activity that we where going to do. She is so irresponsible, my 8 yo doesn't lie and do any of the stuff that she is doing. She talks back to me, throws things, even smashes the door to her room and doesnt care that we rent this place, she expects me to know that clothes she has brought home from her dads are not clean and that if she cant find any clothes to wear I should just gy her more. She also thinks money grows on trees, well that is what her dad has taught her anything she wants she gets, instead of him having to put up with a tantrum he just gives in.

Then once the activity has been cancelled the 8yo gets in tears cause she misses about because of her sisters actions. Why am I always stuck with the kids over the school holidays. Why am I always the one that is made out to be bad. Kids have to learn right from wrong and I am just trying to teach them to grow up and be honest and loving citizens of the world, not money hungry snobs like there father is.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Brighton Lady

Saturday, June 17, 2006

RIP Aunty Leslie

Today is a sad day for me, my mums older sister passed away from a heart attack during the night she was 87. Her younger sister died 4 years ago. It certainly makes you realise that life does not go on forever. I always remember as a child going to visit her with mum and having arfternoon tea, and visiting the younger sister and eating her homemade banana cake.

Live each day to the fullest and enjoy.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Thank god its friday

Well yesterdays interview was a waste of my time, I was kept waiting 20 mins, only to be told as soon as I met the store manager that the days of the job where sunday monday tuesday and could i commit to working every sunday. I advised him that I could not work on weekends as I have kids but could commit to monday to friday. He appologised that the job advertisement had not stated the days and thanked me for my time.

Today started off very good, spent morning cleaning house and preparing food for tonights dinner as my partner is coming over and I offered to cook. Then I went and had lunch with some of the mums from school.

Then as I am wating at school to pick up my kids my mobile phone rings, although as per usual I dont here it until it cuts off and goes to messagebank as the ring volume is not loud enough. I then ring messagebank to retrieve my message only to not be able to hear messagebank properly, all I manage to hear was the guys first name and a phone number and something about a job application. I then ring the number only to have to leave a msg. I am left wondering which job it was about as I have sent at least 6 job applications off in the last 10 days and all the job adverts are at home in my folio. Finally as i am in my car with my kids screaming at me and the battery on my phone about to go dead, he returns my call and does the 5 min pre interview question quizz on why I should be given the job and what stregnths I have and what attracted me to there company. I manage I think ok to answer all the question but with me still wondering which organisation it was and with my only question to him being, could I just confirm with him what the hours of employment where. Im still only vaguely able to recall which job it was, although thankfully all jobs I applied for are receptionist jobs. The phone call finishes with him saying that all candidates will be contacted in due course either for an interview or to be told if they are not successful. Once i got home and looked at all the job ads I realise it is the ideal one of all the jobs as the hours are school hours and its based not to far away.

Once we get home and im busy reading my emails my 8yo decides she wants a snack of macaroni cheese and I tell her to wait 2 mins and I will come and supervise, no she screams at me I can do it myself. 4 mins later I hear he crying and I smell something burnt, only to be told by my 11yo that the macoroni had gone in the microwave and burnt. I realised then that my daughter had not put water in with the macaroni to cook it. Now my house smells burnt which with all windows and doors open doesnt help. So much for a nice evening dinner with my partner and the house smelling horrid.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I have a job interview today, yes I am doing my bit to keep John Howard of my back. I don't know who is worse, John Howard or my ex Hubby. He dropped the kids of this morning and noticed I was dressed up and asked if I have an interview so I told him I did indeed, but the minute I mention that the job is part time but with a business that is open 7 days a week and that if the hours are weekends I wont be wanting the job he gets all cranky. Tells me I should be taking the job no matter what, blah blah blah. I have to remind him that I am the main carer of our kids and that I do not wish to be working weekends when I should be spending time with the kids and spending time with my freinds and having a social life, also remind him that he wouldnt take just any job. My last job involved working from 10am - 7 pm on thursdays to sundays and I actually got physically sick, even collapsed at work one day, just trying to keep up with the job and manage the kids. I do hope he realises that my getting a job will not lessen his obligation to pay maintenance.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Life is good, but sleep is better

What a great sunday I had, spent a lazy afternoon at home just pottering around doing stuff. Sunday night my partner came over and we went to the Imax theatre to see Deep Sea 3D, wow it was great but didn't go for long enough. I really understand why my partner loves diving, such an interesting diversity of sea life. Unfortunately anything deeper than my shoulders and I freek so I wont be taking up that hobby I will have to stick to sitting on the beach.

Well so much for having a great sleep, being woken at 4.30 am by my partners mobile going off with a work problem for which he quietly logged into his system to fix, was ok but when we finally got back to sleep, then his alarm went off at 6am so he could go diving. Of course when I finally went back to sleep I only got another hours sleep hence it being lunchtime and I am feeling tired.

Well it is a public holiday and I am kid free so I should make the most of it. Melbourne in freezing winter.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

St John of Lees

This is Victoria's oldest church and it is not far from me in hawthorn road. I have noticed it a few times and today while I had my camera in the car I stopped and took a picture of it. They still hold services in it, but judging by the size it would want to be a very small congregation.

I spent the morning in Toorak shopping and then went and had lunch at Romeos in toorak with my girlfreind. Was really enjoyable but we did overeat so will not be needing dinner and should now really go for a walk to work it off.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Sitting Ducks

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Life is sweet

Things are great at the moment. My piano was serviced today so it is finally sounding great and the keys are all level, now I just need to learn how to play it better and it will be great. Have also been practising on the guitar.

I am seeing my new guy again on the weekend. Things seem to be going well their, but have to juggle my kid free time around so we can see more of each other.

Now for my other hobby, photography. I walked into a little local camera shop and the couple there were very helpful, im taking the camera in tommorow and am buying a lens hood and a filter which luckily are not expensive and they are going to show me how to use some of the manual functions on the camera so I have a better understanding. They will also attach a speedlite flash to my camera and I can take some pics just to see what the difference having the better flash is, then that can go on my wish list as they are not cheap. I know to them it is all good customer service and they will hope to get me back there to buy extras for my camera when I become more experienced, little do they know that I am the shop around bargain queen but I am also mindful of good service. Hope to have some better pics on here very soon.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Dandenongs

Saturday, June 03, 2006

More trouble with the ex

What is it with him, Insensative prick I would call him. He keeps ringing up and telling me stuff about his wedding, ok sure i need to know that the girls will be flying up to Queensland to spend the 2nd week of the honeymoon with them, but do i really need to know how much the wedding is costing and that he has booked a penthouse for the first week of his honeymoon and then yesterday he decides he has to ring and ask me what out 2 girls should wear. They are in the wedding party so surely his fiance should be deciding what they wear, not me. Because I got angry and didn' want to talk about it he hung up. I then had to text him to remind him that he is very insensative, lets see how long that will last. My money is on maybe 2 days then he will be back to his usual self.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Send me a dozen please!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

No more bus stops.

To update you all with my social life. I am no longer standing at the bus stop waiting for someone to come along. I have met someone and we have been out a few times, so I am seeing where this leads. Taking things slowly and getting to know them better. Finding time in between having my kids and he having his kids to see each other. I don't wont to rush in and make a mistake.

Having said all that I still have not photographed a bus stop, haven't found one worth photographing yet, they are usually vandalised.