Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Today has been an emotional one for me, I am suffering terrible with hayfever amongst other things. Tommorow my youngest is turning 11 and getting grown up but still very emotional. Her sister will be 14 next month and they disagree on so many things that it does make life a little difficult. I came home and they where arguing over what to have for dinner. more problems as the evening wore on, with the older daughter caught red handed by me taking money from my wallet and then lying about it. until i managed to tell her i knew that there was $20. missing. I dont recall having these hassles with my mum and i certainly never recall stealing any money. I dont want to distance her from me but i hate that she doesnt ask me for stuff and has to steal behind my back. How do i stop this from getting any worse. I have my own worries, great job, great amateur photographer but i do miss having someone close in my life. I thought I had reconnected with my family 2 months ago but seems that it hasnt really happpend and they seemed to think I pushed them away after I left home at 19. I did nothing of the sort, went out of my way to travel for 6 hours a few times a year and visit, only to find out that they had come to town and not even called me. I feel they have a one sided small town view of things. Just to find a genuine real guy to share my life with, that is not to much to ask but way to hard to find. Well thankfully i am used to doing stuff on my own and it doesnt stop me from going overseas and doing all sorts of stuff on my own or with my kids. well I am off for a weekend away soon, yeh it will probably be full of couples and families all happy stuff. But i will get lots of photos.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, do you still use this? Haven't been on here for ages! Also got myself a new camera, nothing over the top but something to start with. Just a simple Canon 1000D

No longer in Sydney, just moved to Canberra (get the keys tonight!).

Anyway, how have you been?

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