Sunday, May 18, 2008

How Long

How long can you continue to make what appears to be a one sided effort to keep in contact with someone you have been good freinds with for 7 years. I live only 2 min drive from her and it seems the last 12 months She has visited me once and I have visited her more times than I can remember. I see her occasionally at school functions and get a hello but she is always in a rush. Is it time to just stop making all the effort and leave it up to her to contact. This is the same person that made a promise that we would have a girls only trip to sabah in 2006 and then turns around and goes with her partner and her boss. Well didn't matter I went to Sabah and had a bloody great time on my own.


Blogger future said...

Hi Kharman True friends would enjoy each others company,good on you for still going on that trip and enjoying yourself.
Life is too short to miss having fun and enjoying the company of someone that has your interest at heart as well.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi L! Just thought I would drop over to take a little look at your holiday images, as I haven't been around our site for a while...and also to agree that it is time to move on from your friend. How much energy can one spend running after other people, when you really should be out there spending more luxury time with your camera?? lol! Enjoyed seeing some of your holiday photos. Debbiexx

1:29 PM  

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