Monday, March 10, 2008


I am off on holidyas to Sabah and sarawak in May. This is a long awaited birthday present for myself. I am flying out at 12.15 am on My birthday and will be there by 10 am so I will have the rest of the day to celebrate. I am going on my own as you may have noticed i spend the majority of my time doing things on my own, have been doing this since i was 19 and it means I can do what i want and go where I want. I was in Sarawak in 1978 so it will be good to o back and see if it has changed at all. I am now counting down the weeks till I go. Work has been so busy that i will be well and trully ready for a break.


Anonymous vivalova said...

Be sure you spare sometime to visit Labuan Island too....

6:06 PM  

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