Sunday, January 06, 2008

This weekend

I survived 3 days back at work but there was not a lot of work to do. Picked up my kids on riday night and came home as started feeling yuk, upset stomach and throwing up. felt a bit better yesterday and went out for a while to try and stay cool in airconditioned shops. kjids got very cranky and we ended up at the beach at 5pm for a couple of hours which was ok, water was nice and cool. by 10pm i was sick again, nore upset stomach and throwing up. Today i will have to e extra careful what I eat if I eat at all. Im so tired as I got not a lot of sleep. I have to take the kids back accross town to there dads later today that wont be fun.

Feeling so crap that im not even wanting to go out and take photos, that is how i judge if im not well.


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