Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hanging rock reworked in photoshop

Today was spent heading out the door at 8am and heading up to the macedon area, firstly going to Clarkefield which is home to the coach and horses inn and stables which is beleived to be one o the most haunted buildings in victoria. It wasnt open so luckily i didnt get to go inside. Took a photo but it wasnt that stunning.

Next I headed over to Hanging Rock which is a volcanic formation and the setting for the book by Joan Lindsay called Picnic at hanging rock. Whether the story was true or not I still remember seeing the film in the 1970's and climbing the rock I got the eerie feeling that the movie gave accross, now where did those 5 girls dissapear to. I had my Latte fix before climbing the rock and then when finished it was midday so stopped for lunch at the cafe as well, what a beautiful lunch it was, corn and zucchini fritters with a avocado dressing. I left there and attempted to photograph the whole of the rock, there is only one road you get a good view of the whole rock.

I left Hanging rock and headed to the Mount Macedon memorial cross, took a few photos of the cross. by this time it was very hot and I decided to indulge myself and stopped at the memorial cafe and had a glass of hanging rock chardoonay on the deck overlooking the views. This was so relaxing and is something i love doing, heading out to new places and tasting the local produce and wine and just relaxing and taking in the surroundings. Yes i know it would be nice to have someone to do this with but all my reinds are married/ in relationships and have kids so they don't have the time to do this with me. As for doing it with a partner, after the last short lived relatinship where i booked a nice weekend away at castlemaine at a B & B and ended up that night with crippling stomach pains and the guy involved sat watching tv and then went to bed.
I found out the next week that it was a lung infection. Needless to say that night was the finish of what was slowly turning into for me a boring shortlived relationship and his lack of compassion for me that night just nailed the ending of it.

By 3pm the heat had gotten to me so i headed home to airconditioned comfort and to relax for the night. Also to catch up on emails with a freind, he knows who he is.


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