Sunday, December 02, 2007

what a month

November was a busy and not so healthy month for me, almost mirrored last years october. Started out with me having cramping in my bowel stomach area and a bloated stomach. All was fine until 2 weeks later when i was due to go to Castlemaine for the weekend, the friday at work i suddenly at 3pm got the bad pains in my left side of stomach again, the people at work told me to go home and rest. by late that night the pain was only mild and so the Saturday morning i woke feeling ok and headed of to Castlemaine, stopping along the way to take some pictures. After having a nice steak and veges at the local pub i headed back to the B & B for a quiet night but by 10pm i was in so much stabbing pain i was screaming. Nothing I could do I couldnt drive and local hospital was closed for the night so i had to sit it out till it subsided enough at 2am to get some sleep and heading straight home at 8am the next day in no mod for taking pics. Monday i went straight to my docs and she referred me to a specialist and he sent me immediately for scans last week and i will see him on tuesday for the results. He is not sure what it is but is looking at the bowels and my lungs. So I should know what it is this week. Still have pain if i take a deep breath or sneeze and sometimes when i eat.

Will add some of my latest photos next.


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