Sunday, August 05, 2007

Arthurs Sear & Coolart homestead

Coolart Homestead

The Stables

Saturday was spent not getting up till 9am, after a late friday night out with my girlfriends. I went and did some shopping and then at 11am headed down to Arthurs seat, day was very overcast and dark clouds with the odd hint of sushine. I got to Arthurs seat and had a look around, considered going to kings falls but as rain was looning I didnt want to get myself or my camera gear wet so will go back there another time. Headed back to Arthurs hotel at 1pm and settled in for a long lunch and to read a book on eating well. Decided that eating well doesnt mean depriving myself and forgiving quality over completely low fat. Enjoyed a lunch of Linguine Calabrese and a soft drink, then had winter crumble with a little cram for desert and a coffee.

Then at 2.30 i headed through Red Hill to Coolart homestead and wetlands at Somers. only had 2 hours to look around so didnt get to walk the wetlands but will go back another time. Headed home at 5pm to put my feet up for the evening and relax with Ziggy (pup).


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