Sunday, July 01, 2007

end of a long week and tiring weekend

Well what a week that was, don't want to go through that again for a long time. My daughter had her surgery and she is fine. Friday was end of financial year at work and I was run of my feet as where all the other people at work. friday night was spent watching the bombers beat melbourne at a locla pub until late. I also happened to call my sister on her mobile friday night and surprise surprise her and hubby where in melb for the weekend and were not going to call. she made out she was busy but I ended up spending a couple of hours with her shopping, its about the only thing we have in common.
Saturday night I went to the movies with a freind who is seperated and going through stuff with her ex coming back to town and disrupting things. This morning i took ziggy to puppy school which was early and then spen the rest of the day feeling abosolutely stuffed after 2 weeks of being sick and going through emotional rollercoster but Brad and I are still connecting, at the moment with no expectations or promises know we have a bond and will be freinds for now and see what happens. I never walk away from someone I truly care about. Time for me to get some rest before another busy week ahead.


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