Sunday, June 24, 2007


Last night there was some clever disco moves by people on the dace floor in my back yard, actually its a slab of concrete left from an old garage that was knocked down. The was the macarena, the nutbush, and lots more. Boy do my legs ache this morning from to much dancing. Thankfully my head doesnt ache, due to Trentham estate 2/3rds sav blanc which is low alchohol.

My girlfreind had a fantastic time celebrating her 40th birthday with freinds. I am glad I could help out, considering my 40th came and went 3 weeks after i seperated from my husband and just before my dad had his stroke and passed away.

Whilst partying last night I was Sending and receiving txt from a trully wonderful person who is taking me horseriding next Saturday, I'm hoping I dont fall of the horse and injur myself but I am sure I will be fine. Funny how I was about to delete my online profile and give up completely on dating and just stay single and in to my life walks, or streams (via internet) a guy so totally different to anyone I have encountered before. I have not had a smile on my face as much as I have had the last week.

Its 7.15 am and I am expecting my kids and Ziggy (pup) back soon as ziggy is starting puppy school at 9am this morning. once puppy is finished this morning I will be coming home and going back to bed, I am sticll sick with a cold and very tired from partying last night.


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