Thursday, June 21, 2007


Omg, Omg, Omg in 8 days I am going horseriding for the first time in my life followed by a picnic, wow I grew up on a farm and we didnt have horses so have never been on one. This will be so great. What a very nice idea for a first date, never in my life have I been asked on such a nice date. I have 8 days to get rid of this cold and feel much better.

In the meantime I'm hosting a birthday party for a freind who is turning 4o, middle of winter in Melbourne and we will be under a marquee in my backyard dancing and drinking and having fun. Anyone who knows melbourne in winter will think I am mad.

My job is going great, keeping me very busy so busy i hardly have time for a 2nd cup of coffee during the day.

That is enough to report for now, seems this year is going to be a fantastic year like I hoped for.


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