Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My allergy and my eyes

For the last 3 weeks i have been suffering for the first time i can recall from hayfever allergy, it flares up every few days and it affects my eys making then itchy puffy and red. I am taking allergy tablets when it happens which seems to work for a while. Whilst this has been happening my eyes have become very dry and also for the last few weeks i have been constantly having to put special drops in my eyes to try and releive the dryness and have been back to my optometrist to be told it was no better and if it isnt improved by friday when i see her again i will have to go and see an eye specialist as the dryness can leave pits on my eyeball which then allows for infection to get in and told hold and can lead to major eye problems.

I also suffer and have done for at least 25 years from an allergeric reaction to cats, which is similir to the hayfever allergy im having at the moment but slightly worse in that if effects my throat and my asthma causing me to have trouble breathing, it hasnt stopped me from having freinds who have cats it just means i alter the amount of time i spend inside there homes and they understand this.

This cat allergy has now been used as the excuse for a guy who was going to meet me for a blind date on friday night to cancel. What if this sperson was to be my destino (a freinds word), who is to now know whether there could have been that attraction, and if so other things like my cat allergy and the fact he has a cat could have been sorted out in some way but it is now not going to happen.

Oh well its my birthday tommorow and nothing is going to spoil that. Cake at work for afternoon tea, dinner with my kids. Dinner with some freinds tonight to celebrate and a quiet weekend spent on my own.


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