Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Truly wonderful

A truly wonderful person crossed my path 2 weeks ago, although I had 2 weeks of really connecting mentally with this person, seems the timing was not to be and things beyong our control have intervened. I do hope that we can still be close freinds. Out of all my freinds there is no one that I have told a lot of my inner feelings to like I had felt comfortable telling this guy. My heart now will stay closed to anything other than good freinds, that soul connection that I felt like I had never experienced before doenst happen everyday so I say, no more bus stops I sh all forever walk alone in the path of love. The Greenday song, Boulevarde of broken dreams is what im feeling right now. well i will move on and find that special person.

To my beautiful father, if only you knew that I have made a life for myself and the girls out of what you saw as a marriage in ruins, you wanted to do anything you could for us and y ou where so cruely taken away before you got a chance. I hope I have made you proud with how the girls have turned out so far, you will always be in my heart and soul.


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