Saturday, July 21, 2007

Week in review

starting Monday where i went to work as usual, but as it was the 5 year anniversary of my dads death I was rather quiet and subdued that day, one of the bosses even asked me if i was ok cause i was not my usually bubbly self. I explained to him why and he understood. Tuesday night was sopent at trivia night again with my new teammates the Terriers, kids came along and answered 2 questions so fun was had by all. we finished only 5 points behind the winners.

Thursday at work was busy unloading a big shipping container of goods, that took a while and lots of muscle powr by all of us, except for Lana who stayed at her desk answering the phones and making sure she didnt break a nail.

Friday was spent counting all the stock we had received, that took a long time. Trhen a drink before we all went home for a restfull weekend.

Today I woke at 4am and didnt really get back to sleep. I am about to head out and finish taking the pictures for my paid assignment ad put them onto a memory stick and hand them to my freind when she drops in later in the day. There is a thick fog this morning so that will make the pics a bit moody.

As for dates, I dont even want to know about them, maybe its me but according to my freinds who know me it is nothing to do with me So guys out there get real and at this point in time unless your can prove me wrong about your intentions and how you treat people I dont want to know you.


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