Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Winners are grinners

Lasr night was the weekly trivia night at the local pub, my team the Terriers made up of some people i met there a couple of months ago and myself won last night. Woohoo a bottle of wine and a voucher for the bar for next week. Next week is the final and if you win you get $500. plus your tewam name on the trophy.

I was wanting to go away for the weekend but seems my freinds are to busy with their own lives to even spare a little time to come and check on my pooch and feed him. I will just have to go somewhere for a day trip and be home on saturday night. Then I will have to find dog freindly places to go and stay, only trouble being I like to go ut taking photos when i go away and the pooch can be distracting.

Time for me to go to work.


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