Tuesday, January 01, 2008


New years day is here, a day for me to relax and ponder the year ahead. Day before I go back to work after having 10 days to relax. This year I am going to make every attemtp to be even better than the last year. I came into last year single with high hopes and well with lots of dates and one shortlived relationship I have decided that this year I have no expectations. I have a happy life and I have my hobby which is photography, if someone comes into my life for whatever reason as a freind, lover or partner then great but I will not stress about it. No longer am I anywhere near bus stops I avoid them at all costs.

I realise that life is for living and that it can all be taken away to easily, an acquantance of mine was told last month that her husband has at most 3 years to live, he has cancer throughout his body and no treatment will cure it. Imagine having 3 children under 15 and knowing you wont be around to watch them grow up, when i heard this news it made me so sad, made me realise that my problems where nothing just little hickups in life compared to this.

Last year I didnt acheive all the things I had listed, I got the guitar and started playing again only to realise my carpal tunnell syndrome has effected that. I didnt get my motorbike licence or buy a bike I just couldnt afford to and after a freind having a very serious bike accident I am rethinking that one.

I an going to save some money and have that holiday I have wanted and needed for a few years, It may only turn out to be a week away in most likely Sabah (Borneo) but a week is better than nothing.

My job is great and that is something I acheived last year finding a great job and great people to work with.

Well enough for now it is way to hot and stuffy and im tired from staying up for new years eve.


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