Sunday, June 15, 2008


finally I know that the person I considered one of my best freinds, isn't that. As I previously mention I have hardly seen her in the last 6 months and mostly when I was the one who contacted or visited. I sent her a msg last night about a singer I had gone to see and how bad they where. I got the reply oh I have some news. I decided to call in to see her. The news was to say she was getting married in 2 weeks and that her partner had proposed 2 months ago and all was organised. Yes I am happy for her but I am angry that had I not contacted her I would not have known. twice in the last 4 weeks we have been at our childrens school function and yet she didnt bother to say anything, the most I got was a hello. As I said previously how much one sided effort do I put in or do I just walk away.


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