Saturday, June 03, 2006

More trouble with the ex

What is it with him, Insensative prick I would call him. He keeps ringing up and telling me stuff about his wedding, ok sure i need to know that the girls will be flying up to Queensland to spend the 2nd week of the honeymoon with them, but do i really need to know how much the wedding is costing and that he has booked a penthouse for the first week of his honeymoon and then yesterday he decides he has to ring and ask me what out 2 girls should wear. They are in the wedding party so surely his fiance should be deciding what they wear, not me. Because I got angry and didn' want to talk about it he hung up. I then had to text him to remind him that he is very insensative, lets see how long that will last. My money is on maybe 2 days then he will be back to his usual self.


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