Friday, May 19, 2006

Always look on the bright side of life!

Hey, what was all the fuss about the Davinci Code. I didn't bother being a sheep like everyone and reading the book, and whilst I am not religious it was great seeing all the old churches etc and yes there were a couple of twists and I do like Audrey Tatou and Paul Bettany. But I expected Tom Hanks to come across a basketball and start talking to it. lol. I was also waiting for the Monty Python boys to enter stage left of screen and start singing Always lok on the bright side of life. Well it was a long movie, the seats where highly uncomfortable but my movie partner was quite enjoyable, he and I both agreed next time we will go to gold class cinema where the seats recline and you can drink and eat.
Now its time for sleep and yes I have no voice, which makes it hard for chatting about the movie over coffee afterwards.


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