Sunday, May 14, 2006

Commercial crap (aka mothers day) again

Well every where you look it is mothers day, families out having breakfast and lunch celebrating. Flowers being given and thanks being said to mums all over the place. Well yes I have phoned my mum and wished her happy mothers day. And I have had 2 male freinds wish me happy mothers day, but do you think my kids have bothered to call me, no they are at thier dads and obviously having to much fun, I even phoned them and the youngest girl didnt want to speak to me and the oldest only said hello, can't talk where going out for lunch and hung up. Am I that bad a mum that they dont even notice, no I don't think I am but at 8 & 11 there are more exciting things to be doing.

Well that leaves me to a day of relaxation and well basically being along. oh well.


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