Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What a weekend, wow

I had a busy weekend, with lots of highs and lows in it, when is my life gonna get back to being just normal and running along smoothly. No idea when that will be and I have to just get through it a day at a time. But I am glad i have some good freinds in my life.

Another nice day in Melbourne today so time i got of my computer chair and grabbed my camera and went and took some more phots, I am still yet to get my new camera as I am watitng for some money to be refunded to me which is going to pay for it, I could use the creidt card but that would be to easy.

Oh i must not forget, tommorow is a day for celebrating, a day for me to eat birthday cake and blow out candles, and no I am not going to admit on here how many candles the cake will have, a women never tells her age..... until then enjoy


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