Saturday, April 29, 2006

Blue Skies

What a wonderful Friday I had, sky was blue, sun was shining and yes the birds were singing. I spent some time at Dight falls in Collingwood taking some pictures scrambling around the rocks etc it was such fun, to think it was 11am on a working day in a busy part of town and you would never have noticed it was so peaceful. Then I meandered around to the Studley park boathouse where I was going to take some more pictures, but I couldn't, there were workmen every where, apparantly the 100 year old jetty had floated away in a flood earlier in the year and had to be replaced and yes it is being replaced to look the same but with more modern building methods. I decided to have l unch at the Boathouse cafe overlooking the river and this was really nice, cabbage and bacon soup followed by lamb gnocchi and washed down with a nice juice.

I then went shopping in the evening as I have decided I need a better digital camera for taking my pictures so once deciding which one I wanted I set off with not much of a voice, haggling with all the different retailers. Having gotten the price down some $200. by the end I am now going to check out the duty free price and if it is cheaper again will get a freind to get it for me on his next work trip overseas.

Spent the rest of the evening having an internet chat with someone whom I have yet to meet but seems a very interesting person and In some ways we appeared to have done some similar things in our lives, but having said that I am reminded that my ex hubby and I had a lot of common interest and even shared the same birthdate and look where that ended up, in divorce after 14 years, but I like to keep an open mind on things.

Well a busy Saturday is ahead for me so I shall see what the days is like once it is over.


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