Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Silence is golden, or is it?

Why is it that I think if someone stops contacting me either by txt msg or messenger that I have been blocked and ignored, but yes that is how I react. Well this is not always true, some people get busy with their lives and maybe forget or dont get the chance to say hey, I'm still here just dealing with shit at the moment. So my 2 strikes and your out rule may have to be altered, but only if the person is truly worthy.

Of to the gym today to do my new back exercises, so in advance of tommorow I will say, oh my aching muscles. lol


Blogger le fitta said...

I usually don't even give two strikes, I'll ask someone almost right away what it is they want or don't want, if I get a vague answer I simply let it go, if they are keen then great, if not then again, let it go. There is one girl at the moment I've seen a couple of times, she's a little strange and extremely hard to figure out, never really shows any interest and then out of nowhere, she calls and starts talking about when we are meeting up next. I think the girl I went to the movies with last night will do the same... Are these people I should be 'letting go'?

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