Monday, May 15, 2006

I don't like mondays

Mondays, the start of the working week for some. Well I woke far to early, 6am instead of 7am when the alarm is supposed to go off. Yes I know I could have gotten up and gone for a walk but it was to cold so I stayed in bed with Red Symons talking to me from my radio.

Another overcast Melbourne day and the last day of my MYOB course, yipee. I can see why some people don't like it, but then like lots of things if you don't set them up correctly in the first place then they wont work properly.

Both my children have school swiming lessons for the next 2 weeks, which means not a lot of normal school work will get done and half of the kids will get sick, fancy doing swimming lessons in Melbourne in winter.

What am I going to fill my week doing, I have only one appoinment this week and only one date in my diary and thats on friday night.


Blogger le fitta said...

I agree, who on earth is stupid enough to make swimming lessons during Winter, and especially in Melbourne! It was pooring here this morning, I got drenched on the way to the station, at least the heater is cranked at work and has dried me out nicely.

I'm going to call the chick I went out with two Saturdays ago (and the Sunday) and see if she would like to catch up some time this week, I already know she wants to, it just comes down to when now.

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