Thursday, May 25, 2006

Trouble with Ex's

Why does my Ex, my childrens father think just because it would normally be his evening to have kids that he can ring and say, I have 2 hours between my board meeting im coming to see kids, what are you cooking me for dinner. Sheesh i stopped cooking for him the day we seperated. Well he did just that last night, he couldnt have the kids cause he had a board meeting in the evening and he lives over the other side of town, about an hour away so he decided that before his meeting he would just ring and say he was coming over and would just sit at my house with the kids and expext me to cook. I cracked and said I wasnt cooking, so he said I will get the girls and take them to get food. He just doesnt understand that we are co parents and I am not his best freind, have not been his freind or anything like it since he walked out 4 years ago. Well to end the story I decided that if my kids where having indian why shouldnt I, all at the ex's expense of course. If anyone spotted us dining together don't get the wrong idea, we are not back together never will be, and no I am not going to be the photographer at his upcoming wedding.


Blogger Genny Ho said...

hello David here....well lets hope you arent looking for soft backgrounds for your ex's wedding...perhaps its a good event to try the new the way there really is lots of help at passionforpixels ...cheers David

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