Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sick of being sick

I am so bored with being sick, I realise that staying home and resting is all going to help in me getting better but im so bored. All my freinds work so its not like they can come and visit during the day. Well tommorow I am going into the ciy. I will be rugged up with my long coat on. I am off to buy a tripod to go with my new camera, i have researching on an online photograhy site and now have made my choice and the only place that has them is in the city and on special. Now my photos will be a bit more steady etc.

My kids are also sick of me being sick cause they havent been able to go anywhere other than school and home, so tonight they are getting a treat of takeaway food. Not maccas or the colonel though, more like Fish for them and hamberger for me with chips, nice and fattening but hell its a once off.


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