Friday, June 30, 2006

What can I say

This week hass been busy for me, having job interviews and 2nd interviews so now waiting to hear if i get a job. I felt really relaxed and confident in these interviews which for me doesnt happen very often. I have another 2nd interview on tuesday for a job which is very close to home, So hope I do ok. I know the employment agent interviewed only 3 people so im not sure how many of us 3 he put forward for a 2nd interview.

Today I took my kids roller skating, something i havent done for 30 years, now i know why I haven't done it for 30 years. My oldest child wouldnt even try and my youngest had fun and im sure with a cople of lessons she would be scooting around, she has come home though complaining of a sore butt, from falling on it a couple of times.

School holidays are over this weekend so things will be back to normal.


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