Thursday, June 22, 2006

Men in crises

Seems I have a couple of male freinds who seem to be having a problems, No not midlife crisis as they are all in there thirties not 40's, 2 freinds are in despair about not finding a relationship and settling down to have a family, one already has a marriage and a child and it is not a happy marriage. What can I say to them, sure the married one in crisis I can relate to having myself come out a 14 year marriage with young kids and now divorced. All I can offer is my experiences and hope that gives him some perspective. The other guys who are not married and looking for the marriage and family, well I cant really do anything but be a good listener, be there shoulder to cry on if they need to, although one of these freinds I would gladly have had a relationship with but for me I have had my kids, and am at an age where having more kids though possible is not what I would want to put myself through again and he knows that.

It is great having male freinds you can feel relaxed around, openly talk about anything with and know that they are not expecting anything other than freindship.


Anonymous mike said...

Relaitionships in general are in trouble it is not just men women are as well they just havent realized it yet our roles have been blured so much that women want to be like men and men are becoming more like women and we are all heading for cyberspace and unless men wake up soon the news is all bad

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