Saturday, June 10, 2006

St John of Lees

This is Victoria's oldest church and it is not far from me in hawthorn road. I have noticed it a few times and today while I had my camera in the car I stopped and took a picture of it. They still hold services in it, but judging by the size it would want to be a very small congregation.

I spent the morning in Toorak shopping and then went and had lunch at Romeos in toorak with my girlfreind. Was really enjoyable but we did overeat so will not be needing dinner and should now really go for a walk to work it off.


Blogger Darren Stones said...

Hi kharman.

Thanks for your comments on my site in recent times. Think I recognise the name 'bernibabe' from around the traps.

Interesting shot taken of the church here. You mention it's Victoria's oldest - can you inform as to what year it was built?

You've got some nice piccies on your site - keep up the good work.



9:26 PM  

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