Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Life is sweet

Things are great at the moment. My piano was serviced today so it is finally sounding great and the keys are all level, now I just need to learn how to play it better and it will be great. Have also been practising on the guitar.

I am seeing my new guy again on the weekend. Things seem to be going well their, but have to juggle my kid free time around so we can see more of each other.

Now for my other hobby, photography. I walked into a little local camera shop and the couple there were very helpful, im taking the camera in tommorow and am buying a lens hood and a filter which luckily are not expensive and they are going to show me how to use some of the manual functions on the camera so I have a better understanding. They will also attach a speedlite flash to my camera and I can take some pics just to see what the difference having the better flash is, then that can go on my wish list as they are not cheap. I know to them it is all good customer service and they will hope to get me back there to buy extras for my camera when I become more experienced, little do they know that I am the shop around bargain queen but I am also mindful of good service. Hope to have some better pics on here very soon.


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