Friday, June 16, 2006

Thank god its friday

Well yesterdays interview was a waste of my time, I was kept waiting 20 mins, only to be told as soon as I met the store manager that the days of the job where sunday monday tuesday and could i commit to working every sunday. I advised him that I could not work on weekends as I have kids but could commit to monday to friday. He appologised that the job advertisement had not stated the days and thanked me for my time.

Today started off very good, spent morning cleaning house and preparing food for tonights dinner as my partner is coming over and I offered to cook. Then I went and had lunch with some of the mums from school.

Then as I am wating at school to pick up my kids my mobile phone rings, although as per usual I dont here it until it cuts off and goes to messagebank as the ring volume is not loud enough. I then ring messagebank to retrieve my message only to not be able to hear messagebank properly, all I manage to hear was the guys first name and a phone number and something about a job application. I then ring the number only to have to leave a msg. I am left wondering which job it was about as I have sent at least 6 job applications off in the last 10 days and all the job adverts are at home in my folio. Finally as i am in my car with my kids screaming at me and the battery on my phone about to go dead, he returns my call and does the 5 min pre interview question quizz on why I should be given the job and what stregnths I have and what attracted me to there company. I manage I think ok to answer all the question but with me still wondering which organisation it was and with my only question to him being, could I just confirm with him what the hours of employment where. Im still only vaguely able to recall which job it was, although thankfully all jobs I applied for are receptionist jobs. The phone call finishes with him saying that all candidates will be contacted in due course either for an interview or to be told if they are not successful. Once i got home and looked at all the job ads I realise it is the ideal one of all the jobs as the hours are school hours and its based not to far away.

Once we get home and im busy reading my emails my 8yo decides she wants a snack of macaroni cheese and I tell her to wait 2 mins and I will come and supervise, no she screams at me I can do it myself. 4 mins later I hear he crying and I smell something burnt, only to be told by my 11yo that the macoroni had gone in the microwave and burnt. I realised then that my daughter had not put water in with the macaroni to cook it. Now my house smells burnt which with all windows and doors open doesnt help. So much for a nice evening dinner with my partner and the house smelling horrid.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ouch a day to forget! Ah well your partner should understand and it is something to laugh over in hindsight. We all make mistakes and that's how you learn. Hope the 8yo has now learnt what to do. Pity about the job interview which was a waste of time and good luck on this new possibility.

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