Monday, June 19, 2006

School Holidays, Ive had enough already

Day 3 of school holidays and so far every day I have had to tell my 11yo daughter off and cancel the activity that we where going to do. She is so irresponsible, my 8 yo doesn't lie and do any of the stuff that she is doing. She talks back to me, throws things, even smashes the door to her room and doesnt care that we rent this place, she expects me to know that clothes she has brought home from her dads are not clean and that if she cant find any clothes to wear I should just gy her more. She also thinks money grows on trees, well that is what her dad has taught her anything she wants she gets, instead of him having to put up with a tantrum he just gives in.

Then once the activity has been cancelled the 8yo gets in tears cause she misses about because of her sisters actions. Why am I always stuck with the kids over the school holidays. Why am I always the one that is made out to be bad. Kids have to learn right from wrong and I am just trying to teach them to grow up and be honest and loving citizens of the world, not money hungry snobs like there father is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can relate to your issues with your 11yo... I have the same problem with her throwing a tantrum or getting pouty for no real reason... Must be all the chicken that we have eaten over the years and the effect on hormone levels...

Cheers up, wait until she is 15/16yo!!!

12:56 AM  

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