Thursday, March 30, 2006

Day dreaming again

As I sit here listening to the sounds of Bob Sinclair singing about the Love Generation I think back to my childhood and all the carefree things we did then, playing football in the street, riding our dragster bikes to the corner shop to by 20 cents worth of lollies. I got my first scar from my bike then, I learnt a very good lesson about wearing flares and riding a bike, if your not careful you can end up with the flairs caught in the chain and you flipped over the front of the bike into the gravel, this causing a stone to lodge into my knee which has left a scar to this day.

Communication was not as complex either done by telephone, the postman or as I discovered as a teen the CB radio. Did we communicate our feelings any better than we do know? Did we understand about relationships any better? No we didn't, things were still as awkward then as they are now, only difference we were not attempting relationships via the internet. We wrote letters to freinds in other countries and towns instead of emailing them, texting them or chatting via one of the instant messaging services. In this day of high technology the art of conversation and the correct meaning of what we are trying to express can be lost or missinterpreted to easily. But let me tell you I for one don't want to go back to the days of a letter being sent to ones father asking for permision for a man to come and court his daughter. How stuffy and boring that would be.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Happy Families

I have always said you can pick your friends but not your family and that is so true. How is it that a family that spends most of the previous 20 years not really interested in what one of there siblings/children is doing, but then every few years when some change is going on with that person they get the guilts, they ring and make all sorts of noises about helping them out. I for one am in this situation. I only hear from one of my siblings if there is some problem with my mum, death of my father or something major is happening in my life such as divorce or as is the case now, im moving home. Don't they realise that 20 years of coming to the same town for holidays and business and never even bothering to ring would be noticed. I had to remind one of my siblings of this fact last night, remind them that for the last 20 years I have been survivng living 6 hours away from my family and never once had to ring them for any assistance so why would I start now. Funny when you consider one of your girlfreinds to be more like your sister than your actual blood sister. Anyone who suggest that there is a bridge that needs rebuilding in this family, dont look at me to do the building. I did nothing more than move away from a country town to have a better lifestyle.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Morrell Bridge

Friday, March 24, 2006

Oh what a night

Well for the first time in ages I actually had a great nights sleep. Quality sleep is something that has evaded me for a couple of years, I would say it all started around the time I seperated from my former husband and the added stress of my father having a stroke and then after a few weeks of suffering, passing away. Most of my night can be spent tossing and turning till at least midnight, unable to fall asleep. after a while of tossing and turning I would get up in frustation and go and see who was on the net to chat to. Then I would wake up a 2 am and listen to the quiz on ABC radio, then wake again at 4am and listen to more radio and finally I would wake up with Red Symons (ABC breakfast announcer) at 7am and have to get up with my kids. Last night at 10pm I had a hot bath, went to bed listening to ABC radio and was asleep within minutes and I did not wake until 8am, and I am feeling fantastic. Luckily for my children it is school holidays and I dont have to get them ready for school. Lets see if i can repeat the good nights sleep tonight, but that all depends on if I go out tonight and what time I get home.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Going for goals, not Gold

I have a list of things i would like to achieve, things that i have wanted to do for a few years and had put them to the back of my mind whilst I got on with day to day life. Well the other day I deceided it is time to stop putting that list aside and to start ticking things of that list. My list consisted of buying a guitar and brushing up on the guitar skills that I learnt when I was a 10 year old. Learning to ride a motor bike and getting a motor bike licence. Last on the list is travelling through Peru and South America and seeing the inca trail and the myan ruins.

So on wednesday I crossed one of those off my list, I went into the city and bought myself a new guitar and am surprised at how much i still remember. So I felt like I had made an achievement. A freind of mine has also a list of goals and so for has completed the first one, which is getting a motorbike and his bike licence, next on his list is either learning to dance or sailing. So I am waiting to hear back from him this week to tell me he has started one of those goals.

So know that one thing is achieved I may find something else to add to my list. There is a great feeling knowing that these goals either big or small can be acheived.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Newly single buses and the bus stop

Why is it that I stand at the bus stop and seem to attract newly singles buses. What is it about me that says, hey if your just out of a relationship/marriage or whatever come and stop, take me for a single journey then stop and tell me that your not ready for anything more. Is it the fact that all the decent guys (buses) get taken before they have been single for long, this I don't know. But I am also wondering, don't they know that they are not ready for another relationship and just out to have some fun. If they do know this it would be polite to let the person at the bus stop know so that they can make the choice of wether to hop on that bus and take the chance or not. Guys and girls you must know that the first relationship after a break up is not gonna be the next great romance so why kid yourselves and others.

That leaves me off to continue my packing up my house getting ready for the move. More posts soon.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Moving House is life cleaning

I have spent the day organising removalists and starting to pack my belongings into boxes, all in prepartion of my move to a bigger place to live. It is a great way to purge yourself of stuff that is no longer of use, value or importance to you, like the unused wedding presents given to you 17 years ago that you got in the divorce. The childrens toys that they no longer play with and would be more useful to another child. Those horrid clothes you held onto thinking they would come back into fashion. All of this having to be done in 2 weeks. It would be much simpler to be a nomad who just carries a swag on his back, but then I would have to carry a wireless notebook to communicate with the world...... Now im off to clean out more of my life.

Hahndorf Hotel

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Road trip to Adelaide

What a great long weekend it was. Enjoying the sites of Adelaide and seeing how much it has changed in 10 years. Glenelg, no longer the leafy beach its all highrise hotels and apartments and no more magic mountain. So much artwork and sculpture to see, so many churches and pubs. No I did not do a pub crawl or a church crawl. Now back to normality and homelife.

Friday, March 10, 2006

In bed with garlic in my socks

Last night was rather interesting, I had not been feeling well for the last 2 days so a freind of mine suggested I try his remedy that amongst other things included garlic on my feet with socks over it. I can honestly say I had the best sleep I have had in ages, no waking up at 2am, tossing and turning but by 5am my feet were so hot I had to rip those garlic socks off. I did wake up feeling like I could conquer the world but no it had not stopped my sore throat and sniffling. I am not looking forward to telling my freind this. Now I am ready for another day of finishing all that house work I negelcted to do the other day, so it must have had some benefit. Off to find the vacuum cleaner ...... arggh

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sumertime and the living is easy

Well not sure if the living is that easy. Long gone are the days of an easy life, now people spend time rushing to get out of bed and out the door to get to work. Rushing to get kids off to school. Spending time looking at the pile of bills that keeps growing thanks to the postman. Looking at all the housework that needs doing. Well today I slept in, had to rush to wake my kids up for school and yes I have some bills in a pile, house work that needs doing but instead I chose to go to the gym and do my workout. Now I have come home and started some of the housework, moved the bills and decided it is time for lunch. The rest of the housework I can do after lunch. Lets just make that a long lunch shall we...

Monday, March 06, 2006

No blog today

No blog today, my mind has gone astray.... Oh and its time for Desperate housewives.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Does size matter

After having a disucssion with a freind about the body and body image, the question was asked of me, Whats size where my breast and where they tearshaped. I thought for a moment before I responded. I was immediately reminded of the breast scale and responded with a somewhere between b) barely there and c) can't complain. I then possed the question to male my freind, do guys size each other up. The reply to me was yes they do. My question now is what is the scale for men if in fact there is one. Sitting round with my girlfreinds I have never come across any mention of a scale only the fact that its either big or small, and sometimes their egos dont match their package. My next question to my male freinds is who will volunteer to be photographed, for research purposes only of course?

Following on with the male theme I was also discussing with a girlfreind the phenomenon of the winter boyfriend. I had never heard of this before, but she assured me that from her own experience it does infact happen. I would love to hear from anyone who can further enlighten me on the winter boyfreind , or any personal experiences with it.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Awkward moments and the bus stop

What is it about those awkard moments when a bus has come along, stopped to let you on board and then when you have had a thoroughly lovely time, or what your thought was a lovely time then comes that awkard moment when the bus stops. What do you say, how do you say it, how do you know what the other person is thinking. Do you sit around and wait or do you head straight back to the bus stop, or do you give up on public transport all together and just decide to walk.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Middle Park Esplanade

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Single life and the bus stop

Seems that single life can seem to be like a bus stop, in particular my single life. I stand at the bus stop, very patiently, just being myself, ticket in hand, but the wrong bus always seems to appear and if the right bus does appear, I never get the chance to show my ticket or to hop on board. One consolation to this is the knowledge that there will be another bus come along in 15 minutes. But I then ask myself have I been standing on the correct bus route. Maybe it is time I went and tried standing at a tram stop, or maybe the train station is the place to hang out, see if I have a better chance of getting onboard the non single life there. So another day is coming to an end and yes their I will be tommorow, waiting for the bus. Lookout for the day I no longer need public transport.



Botanical Gardens Melbourne

Sitting at my desk, listening to the sounds of nature interspersed with the traffic noise. I wonder if there is someone on the other side of the world also sitting at their desk daydreaming. I also wonder if there is lifeform out in space also daydreaming. How many hours are spent by people daydreaming and how many hours are then spent trying to achieve those dreams. Dreams can be big or small, not everyone wants to be famous or infamous. and some people have fame thrust upon. We should all try and achieve at least one of our dreams.

To much time is spent on living the fast life and not taking the time to stop and smell the flowers. The flowers dont last forever and neither do we.