Thursday, March 02, 2006

Single life and the bus stop

Seems that single life can seem to be like a bus stop, in particular my single life. I stand at the bus stop, very patiently, just being myself, ticket in hand, but the wrong bus always seems to appear and if the right bus does appear, I never get the chance to show my ticket or to hop on board. One consolation to this is the knowledge that there will be another bus come along in 15 minutes. But I then ask myself have I been standing on the correct bus route. Maybe it is time I went and tried standing at a tram stop, or maybe the train station is the place to hang out, see if I have a better chance of getting onboard the non single life there. So another day is coming to an end and yes their I will be tommorow, waiting for the bus. Lookout for the day I no longer need public transport.


Blogger planetpete said...

Hey bernibabe.

I find public transport stressful. I made it my philosophy to avoid stress at all costs after my last train wreck.
Sometimes it's better to take the time to walk. Smile and say G'day to everyone on the way.
When was the last time you saw someone smile on a bus, train or tram?
Walking's free and under your control. and you'll see a lot more smily faces... Life is good mate.

8:43 AM  

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