Sunday, March 05, 2006

Does size matter

After having a disucssion with a freind about the body and body image, the question was asked of me, Whats size where my breast and where they tearshaped. I thought for a moment before I responded. I was immediately reminded of the breast scale and responded with a somewhere between b) barely there and c) can't complain. I then possed the question to male my freind, do guys size each other up. The reply to me was yes they do. My question now is what is the scale for men if in fact there is one. Sitting round with my girlfreinds I have never come across any mention of a scale only the fact that its either big or small, and sometimes their egos dont match their package. My next question to my male freinds is who will volunteer to be photographed, for research purposes only of course?

Following on with the male theme I was also discussing with a girlfreind the phenomenon of the winter boyfriend. I had never heard of this before, but she assured me that from her own experience it does infact happen. I would love to hear from anyone who can further enlighten me on the winter boyfreind , or any personal experiences with it.


Blogger le fitta said...

Guys generally like larger breasts over smaller ones, but then again more than a mouthful can be classed as a waste yeah? I've noticed guys checking out my package before in the loo at pubs. I can't say I've actually done it myself but I have heard from a few that they do, they want to see the competition.

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