Friday, March 10, 2006

In bed with garlic in my socks

Last night was rather interesting, I had not been feeling well for the last 2 days so a freind of mine suggested I try his remedy that amongst other things included garlic on my feet with socks over it. I can honestly say I had the best sleep I have had in ages, no waking up at 2am, tossing and turning but by 5am my feet were so hot I had to rip those garlic socks off. I did wake up feeling like I could conquer the world but no it had not stopped my sore throat and sniffling. I am not looking forward to telling my freind this. Now I am ready for another day of finishing all that house work I negelcted to do the other day, so it must have had some benefit. Off to find the vacuum cleaner ...... arggh


Blogger le fitta said...

You have some pretty weird friends don't you... lol I hope your feet don't burp while you're in Adelaide, your other mate might get running!

1:30 PM  

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