Friday, March 24, 2006

Oh what a night

Well for the first time in ages I actually had a great nights sleep. Quality sleep is something that has evaded me for a couple of years, I would say it all started around the time I seperated from my former husband and the added stress of my father having a stroke and then after a few weeks of suffering, passing away. Most of my night can be spent tossing and turning till at least midnight, unable to fall asleep. after a while of tossing and turning I would get up in frustation and go and see who was on the net to chat to. Then I would wake up a 2 am and listen to the quiz on ABC radio, then wake again at 4am and listen to more radio and finally I would wake up with Red Symons (ABC breakfast announcer) at 7am and have to get up with my kids. Last night at 10pm I had a hot bath, went to bed listening to ABC radio and was asleep within minutes and I did not wake until 8am, and I am feeling fantastic. Luckily for my children it is school holidays and I dont have to get them ready for school. Lets see if i can repeat the good nights sleep tonight, but that all depends on if I go out tonight and what time I get home.


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