Thursday, March 23, 2006

Going for goals, not Gold

I have a list of things i would like to achieve, things that i have wanted to do for a few years and had put them to the back of my mind whilst I got on with day to day life. Well the other day I deceided it is time to stop putting that list aside and to start ticking things of that list. My list consisted of buying a guitar and brushing up on the guitar skills that I learnt when I was a 10 year old. Learning to ride a motor bike and getting a motor bike licence. Last on the list is travelling through Peru and South America and seeing the inca trail and the myan ruins.

So on wednesday I crossed one of those off my list, I went into the city and bought myself a new guitar and am surprised at how much i still remember. So I felt like I had made an achievement. A freind of mine has also a list of goals and so for has completed the first one, which is getting a motorbike and his bike licence, next on his list is either learning to dance or sailing. So I am waiting to hear back from him this week to tell me he has started one of those goals.

So know that one thing is achieved I may find something else to add to my list. There is a great feeling knowing that these goals either big or small can be acheived.


Blogger le fitta said...

I have thought about doing a list of things I'd like to get done for a while now but never actually did it.. Maybe my first goal should be to write that list! I can already play the guitar and have my motorbike license. Haven't travelled overseas though, unless you count Tassy hahahahaha I'd like to learn French and visit there. I'd like to learn to sail. I'd like to visit the Top End. I'd like to go deep sea fishing... I better start on that list I think!

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