Sunday, February 25, 2007

Joyce the Voice

Happy birthday to my freind Joyce, the lead singer with the band Sacred. I went to her 40th birthday party tonight and what a blast, a bit of music and tv trivia, some great songs from joyce and her guitarist and a room full of great people. its amazing a room of about 50 people and some kids, most who had known Joyce a long time and some who like me have only known her a couple of years. I could count the number of my freinds, real freinds not acquantances to 10. she has so many more than that, oh and she has a cute cousin. ooops did I just write that.
Its almost 1pm and I am sober and wide awake, nothing on tv and only country music on the radio oh how bad that is.

one more day before I start my new job, I cant wait to get started. get busy learning all the things I need to know and getting to know the other staff. It is now time for me to be number 1, instead of everybody else.


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