Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday again

I ended up being asked out for a drink on Valentines day, which was nice. A guy i had met once last year and for whatever reason at the time we had a missunderstanding and we didnt speak until now, when he contacted me. A really nice, genuine guy but, yet again a guy who is not ready for a relationship, and he is smart enough to say to me that I'm in a different space that im wanting a long term relationship which he cant do at the moment. I have also just noticed that he has taken his profile off RSVP, you basically do that if your met someone and want to be exclusive or you decide you dont want to be dating, i have no idea which is his reason but we are catching up again today so maybe I will ask. I am qwuiet happy just to be freinds, and I am not silly enough to think I can change his mind about a relationship.

I didn't get the job I went for the other day, could have done the job easily and I am getting realy pissed of. I work one evening a week with some people, have worked with them for 10 years but its voluntary not a paying job. They can't understand why I havent been snapped up for a job.


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