Thursday, February 08, 2007

The week so far

Have had a quiet and intersting week. I had to have xrays and ultrasounds on my left foot on monday, my foot has been very sore and i had trouble walking on it last week. I am seeing my doctor this afternoon to get the results. Hope its nothing to serious. Tommorow I am seeing the employment agency to see what more I can do about getting a job, I am currently sending off at least 6-7 applications a week.

Saturday I am going to spend the day down at Mornington Peninsula, will go to Heronswood and take some photos of the gardens and buildings, will also take some photos around the area and then I will go to Cruden farm late afternoon to take some photos and to enjoy and evening of Jazz. Sunday night I may go to twilight jazz at the zoo, and will try and do some more gardening.


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