Wednesday, January 31, 2007

School starts

The 2007 school year has started today. My oldest child has started at secondary school, I dropped her of and waited around to listen in on the first assembly and had a quick tour of the school. I still remeber 7 years ago when she first started primary school, as soon as she got into the class room on the first day she told me I could go now. No tears or tantrums from her and certainly none from me. This year will be a big adjustment for her but I am sure she will cope. My youngest started into grade 4 today and was very excited to be going back to school.

Why is it guys that you meet can be totally rude and not even have the decency to say after you have met them, sorry but your not what I expected and I dont wish to speak with you again. Its not hard and its about honesty. Well their loss anyway, if they are that shallow then forget it who needs them, I certainly don't.

Time to start doing some work on the gardens and the house, the new landlord takes over in 9 days and I have permission to put up a gate, get a dog and plants some shrubs to create privacy from the neighbours, the landlors will pay for the gate and plants but I will be doing the work. As for a dog, the kids and I have a couple of breeds that we like , one is the soft coated wheaton terrier and the other is a samoyed. I emailed a breeder yesterday about the terrier and almost died when she replied with cost of the pups, $1500.00. wiull have to contact some other breeders and also contact the samoyed breeders. It will be great having another dog around the place, my previous dog died 6 months before I seperated from my ex husband so it has been 6 years. Dogs are such loving and loyal creatures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go with the Samoyed. If you want any information on the breed etc Drop me a note and I'll send you some information, no problem.

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