Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The new year

Jelly fish

So far the new year has been great, spending time with my kids and also time to myself taking photos and going to the movies to see Eragon. Also busy sending of job applications so hopping to have a njob before to long. I have also started to work on the backyard, have put up a gazebo and moved my bbq and have a new outdoor table and some chairs on layby. Planted some new plants in pots to jazz up the area and put up some party lights so I will be able to invite my freinds over for a bbq as soon as they are all back from their holidays. Break out the martinis I say.

I spent today with my kids and a freind of my youngest childs, we spent the day at docklands, docklands park and then had lunch at New Quay. Then after all that we took a ride on the city circle tram where I enthralled them all with stories about the old buildings that had ghost in them. The kids also spotted lots of jellyfish in the water at New Quay.

Also been busy getting my oldest daughters books and uniform for starting high school this year.


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