Thursday, December 14, 2006


I cried myself to sleep last night, and I woke this morning still crying. Why do I put myself out there to meet guys and they cant even take the time to get to know me. I ended my day with a great xmas dinner with some ladies that I have known for years and we had a fantastic time but even they don't know deep down how I feel, they have all been married for a long time. I know they would say to me don't worry about men you don't need them and yes to a certain extent I don't need a man. I don't portray myself as anything other than a caring, loyal person who has a life but also has a lot of love to give. Like any body my life doesnt flow smoothly and Ive had the odd stressfull moment throughout the year and with the year about to close I am hoping for a much brighter better year next year and if that means another year of putting all my love towards my kids then so be it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey hun. Sorry its been a while since I caught up...been a bit preoccupied with the crappy year Ive had.

I can totally relate to this post. I dont need a man per-se either. But I STILL cry over that bastard that broke my heart...yeh you know the one. He always painted such a pretty picture of how I was the one hurting him...but meh. Its over. But yeh...I still cry. I have days where I miss his smell for gods sake. I can be totally fine and then without warning I'm just sitting there with tears rolling down my face.

Rejection hurts. Even after the fact. I understand. And yes. You DO deserve better. xoxo

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