Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Planning ahead

Im just thinking about my birthday in May, I have a freind who sings in a band so im thinking of asking her how much it would cost to hire the band for the night and then the cost of hiring a venue. Not sure this will be cheap and again I didnt celebrate my 40th birthday a couple of years ago due to my being just seperated and my father sick . I wouldnt need a big venue as there would be only about 30 people invited. The band may not be an option but maybe I could ask her to just sing and play guitar on her own. maybe I could book a local restaurant.

I almost forgot to update on my foot, I saw my doctor on friday and i have a Heel spur, she said nothing can be done for it can take 18 months to get better. grr, cant imagine how a piece of bone growing into my heel will get better. Oh well I will have to manage, it doesnt hurt all day, more when i first wake up and then in the evenings when im relaxing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amputation is always an option. :-)


10:33 PM  

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