Thursday, July 27, 2006

City again

Another day spent in melbourne CBD, shopping and taking photos. I am only working to days this week. Whilst wandering around the lanes ways i found a dusty old shop with old cameras and camera gear in it, an Asian lady came out and beckoned me to come in and have a look around and she let me take some photos, my things have come along way with cameras.

I also heard a couple of great buskers, and took there photos but annoyingly the background is crap. I now have photoshop but have a lot to learn and want to know how to isolate things in pics and change the back ground.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I started my job on Mondya, and after 2 days im really happy with it, once i get to know about the place and have more to do will be even better, The other people are all nice so that is a bonus. Me working with a bunch of ex Tradies and builders, so its not like a corporate stuffy enviroment, nice and relaxed.

My youngest has decided each morning to drag feet and not hurry, which doesnt help now that I am working. Luckily I work 2 mins from home.

Not much else to say, not sure what is happeneing with the guy I had been seeing, we havent seen each other for 3 weeks due to him being away with his kids on holidays and then having to have his kids since then, and I have had only one phone call from him, which is making me wonder if i should continue making an effort. I really like him but to me a relationship is about spending time together and if you cant then talking to each other on the phone and that has happened this week, maybe im being to hasty as he is such a nice person.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My weekend

Friday night was spent out with some freinds, celebrating my new job and having a great time. We went to Father O'flannagans pub in collingwood to see a band called Claymore, what a great band they are, even though the main guy Willie wasnt there do to injuring himself and having to have his finger reattached at 7pm, he still managed to turn up at 11pm to make sure the band was behaving. The drive home was interesting, me being the designated driver and my 2 freinds being very tipsy and doing lots of silly things all the way home. Got home at 2am and got to sleep at 3am.

Woke at 7.30 Saturday morning and got up ready to head to the city and the NGV to meet some photography people for a coffe chat. arrived at the alloted time of 10 am after grabbing a quick breakfast in the cbd. and immediately noticed one lady, camera bag in hand and shortly after joined by more guys carrying camera bags. We sat around there talking, consuming coffee product and checking out each others bits (camera gear) until 1 pm when I phoned my sister who was down for a couple of days, she was in the shoe department of Myers so I bid farewell to the photo buffs and met up with her for a bit of shopping and some lunch, bu this time my kids had phoned to say they where still at a party and wanted to stay another night with their dad to which I said yes. By the time I headed back to Flinders street station at 4.30 pm I had more than realised that a crumpler bag with camera gear was not the thing to take shopping, So I hopped on the train, sat down and immersed myself in the book, Mao's last dancer. Got home and put the feet up for a few hours before literally falling asleep at about 10 pm.

Friday, July 14, 2006

I have a job

Finally I have a job, I start monday as a receptionist for a local company 2 mins drive from my house. It has only taken me a good 8 months to get a job but im so happy. More details after I start the job.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Box cottage

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fitzroy gardens & St Patricks Cathedral

Yesterday was spent wandering around the Fitzroy gardens, Melbourne taking pictures. this is where the english house of Capain James Cook is situated, it was brought out from England a very long time ago. I stopped at the cafe in the gardens and had brunch by the log fire, in Melbourne in winter it was most appreciated. After this I wandered over to St Patricks Cathedral to take some photos of the exterior, whilst taking the photos one of the gardeners came over and told me that I was allowed to take photos inside, Thanks I said, I hope I dont get struck down by lightening as I go through the door. He wandered off having no idea what I meant, but I am an Atheist, a non beleiver. Funny that as my great grandfather was a Methodist lat preacher and my mother taught sunday school. I have displayed some of these photos, the photos taken inside the church didnt work out to well as I didnt take my tripod inside, I will have to go back with a more experienced photographer and try again. An exact smaller version of St Patricks was built at Warrnambool.

Twin spires, St Patricks Cathedral

The fairy tree

Miniture replica of the Endeavour

Captain James Cook

Sunday, July 02, 2006

This is Moi