Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fitzroy gardens & St Patricks Cathedral

Yesterday was spent wandering around the Fitzroy gardens, Melbourne taking pictures. this is where the english house of Capain James Cook is situated, it was brought out from England a very long time ago. I stopped at the cafe in the gardens and had brunch by the log fire, in Melbourne in winter it was most appreciated. After this I wandered over to St Patricks Cathedral to take some photos of the exterior, whilst taking the photos one of the gardeners came over and told me that I was allowed to take photos inside, Thanks I said, I hope I dont get struck down by lightening as I go through the door. He wandered off having no idea what I meant, but I am an Atheist, a non beleiver. Funny that as my great grandfather was a Methodist lat preacher and my mother taught sunday school. I have displayed some of these photos, the photos taken inside the church didnt work out to well as I didnt take my tripod inside, I will have to go back with a more experienced photographer and try again. An exact smaller version of St Patricks was built at Warrnambool.

Twin spires, St Patricks Cathedral

The fairy tree

Miniture replica of the Endeavour

Captain James Cook


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