Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Whiter shade of pale!

I know have my whiter smile thanks to the teeth whitening. I have been working lots and being social and catching up with my partner and my freinds, I am also enjoying the friday night martinis with my partner.

I have to go back to my doctors today, I had some blood test last week and the results showed something with my Glucose and Haemetology which i have no idea what it is and had to wait from friday night till today (tuesday) so I was a little stressed about it but i am hoping its nothing to bad.

My ex hubby also got married last weekend, It didnt really bother me as any feelings i had for him where gone long ago, my kids went to the wedding and my 8yo played the piano and made a speech welcoming his new wife into their family. Nice of my daughter to do that. Personally I dont see the need to ever get married again a piece of paper isnt going to prove that I love someone anymore than actually do. I would rather spend the money on either camera equipment, an overseas holiday or the like. 18 years down the track where are all the drunken hangers on that attended your wedding anyway.

This weekend should be fun, Saturday will be spent taking my kids to the airport and then strolling around the dandenongs with some photography freinds taking lots of pictures, consuming lots of coffee and checking out everybodys camera gear, fun and frivolity should be had by all if the last event is anything to go by.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Been a while.

Yes I haven't posted much for a while, I got myself a job which at the moment is 3 days a week but is soon to go full time. As you may have guessed the last guy I was seeing appeared to fall of the face of the earth or was abducted by aliens, I have no idea what happened but my last couple of phone messages never got returned. I decided not to go back to the bus stop and that I was over all the dating crap, as soon as I said that I met someone else, yes he seems very nice and I have been seeing him for 3 weeks but am still being catious.

I have also had a busy social time and today im not working and I successfully bid at a silent auction for teeth whitening, i only paid a 1/4 of what the actual cost is so im pretty happy with that, so you will see my dazzling smile here very soon.