Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Been a while.

Yes I haven't posted much for a while, I got myself a job which at the moment is 3 days a week but is soon to go full time. As you may have guessed the last guy I was seeing appeared to fall of the face of the earth or was abducted by aliens, I have no idea what happened but my last couple of phone messages never got returned. I decided not to go back to the bus stop and that I was over all the dating crap, as soon as I said that I met someone else, yes he seems very nice and I have been seeing him for 3 weeks but am still being catious.

I have also had a busy social time and today im not working and I successfully bid at a silent auction for teeth whitening, i only paid a 1/4 of what the actual cost is so im pretty happy with that, so you will see my dazzling smile here very soon.


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