Friday, October 27, 2006

Thank god its friday.

This week has been a little busy. Starting last Saturday with my photography course, Which some of the stuff I already new but the rest just clarrified things for me, final day of the course is tommorow.

Saturday night was spent at a bbq with some photography friends and my kids having a ball making some new freinds. Sunday was spent packing my 12yo's bags ready for her weeks camping trip with school.

Tuesday was a very warm day and I spent the day in the cbd taking photos that i have to show for my photo course, good bad or indifferent we have to have 7 photos to show. Then the class will look at them and discuss each one and discuss what may have gone wrong or what was great about them. I came home with about 100 shots but only a few that im really happy with and as for having 3 photos of the same thing at differing Dof I tried those and they dont seem to good so will have to get up early and try and take some more.

The course will finish at 4.30 in the afternoon and then i have to head home to get ready and go out to a bar with some people from a social club, so far I only know one of these people but it should be lots of fun, its a very swish bar in the city called the Bond Bar.

Sunday I will sleep in and then possible spend the afternoon at the movies, porobably see some romantic comedy that is out at the moment.

The next month I have filled up my kid free weekends with lots of social events so I have no time to be thinking about not having a relationship, but having said that another 2 single acquaintances are now happily in relationships, one has even bought a house with her partner. Maybe im not meant to be in a relatioship but hell who cares, Im happy with who I am and happy with what I have acheived in the last 4 years and no issues with my previous marriage and my 2 lovely children that came out of that.

Ok enough of my ramblings for this week, I should go and get some work done.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday again

It is tuesday again and what have I acheived in the last few weeks, nothing major but am content with my self and making my social life busy, if i meet a guy along the way good but if it doesnt happen then that is fine. I will have to investigate getting away for a weekend and jsut relaxing but i have filed up my free weekends with lots of activities so not sure when that will be.

Starting my photography course on saturday so that should make for some improvement in my photos. If nothing else it will make me better understand some of the techniques involved. So get ready to see lots of photos on here very soon.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Sunday

Amazing what a new haircut and color and a good bra can do for your saturday night at the pub. Plunging neckline and all ya here is wow. But none of them really worth picking up. Maybe ill have better luck at the jazz club tonight.